Sourcing Products 
We are specialists in assisting companies seeking to produce products or to source products of all parts of Asia.  Our specialists in China and Southeast Asia can help you find the best company to produce and source your product..
Building and Operating a Successful Plant or Factory in Asia
We are expert at assisting firms to help compare various locations in Asia such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos or other countries in terms of the incentives they offer for location of a factory or plant and the costs of doing business in that country. We can arrange all the travel and security requirements of your high-level business delegation. Meet your plane on arrival, arrange transportation and lodging for your visit, set up meetings with business contacts  plus provide any follow-up needs of you and your company.
The delicious wholesale
We provide brokerage services to companies in the deep-frozen meat and food market throughout China and the whole south eastern asia. We offer trade, purchase and sales leads. Thanks to years of experience in the meat trading market we have built a large asian network of suppliers. By keeping short lines, we are able to offer competitive prices, everything from pallet to container size. Because of our broad network we are capable of delivering any type food product. We can offer an extensive range of exclusive meats. Our clients are meat processers, wholesalers, caterers, institutional suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers.
We are professionals in the field of foreign trade, logistics and customs brokerage services, based in China. Our mission is to provide full-range of services for china exporters and worldwide importers, helping them to conduct foreign trade activities easily, comfortably, without additional financial, labor and cost risks. We provide our services in full compliance with international laws and regulations.


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